Lúpulo Sudáfrica

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Ella hops

Southern Star

Alpha acid: 12-14%

Co-humulone (% of alpha acids): 31%

Use: Bittering. Pale Ale.

Southern Star hops is a cross between Outeniqua and a South African Male OF2/93.

Southern Star is primarily used for bittering, with an alpha acid content around 12-14% and a co-humulone at 31%. It will introduce flavours of soft stone fruits, fresh cut flowers, mint and savory spices. This is perfect for creating an African Pale Ale.

Substitute:  None known

Code 35140 Pellets 12g (teabag). Code 35340 Pellets 100g



Alpha acid: 12-14%

Use: Bittering and aroma. Perfect for creating African Pale Ales.

An experimental hop variety from SAB Hop Farms in South Africa. Aromas of citrus, passion fruit and orange, ginger and pine.

Substitute: None known

Code 35141 Pellets 12g (teabag). Code 35341 Pellets 100g